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Our Campaign

New Start Foundation’s primary initiative is to build a state-of-the-art treatment facility in Toronto that will have the capacity to treat up to 525 youth per year.

[Donor Name] Centre of Excellence for Youth Mental Health and Addiction

A partnership between Sunnybrook Health Sciences, Bellwood Health Services, CAMH and the University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry

The youth facility will treat 525 youth each year across an intensive continuum of care ranging from acute inpatient, residential treatment, day hospital and intensive outpatient services.

Programming will focus on youth with the most complex mental health illnesses both with and without concurrent addiction problems. 

Our Campaign

New Start will be the FIRST treatment centre in Canada that:

  • Offers intensive concurrent treatment for youth with mental illness and addictions that includes a strong component of family therapy.
  • Ensures that all clinical care is evidence-based and leverages an inter-professional team of adolescent psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychologists, social workers, nurses, child and youth workers, recreational therapists and other specialists.
  • Consistently uses a proven standardized patient assessment tool to prioritize and treat those most at-risk and matches all youth with the appropriate level of treatment.
  • Serves as a “hub-and-spoke model”, building access across Ontario by transitioning youth back to clinical teams in their home communities.
  • The facility program will ensure on-going follow-up care through a digital platform that focuses on relapse prevention and keeping youth well.

It will become a renowned centre of excellence and set a new standard of care across Canada by:

  • Standardizing patient assessments and using a proven algorithm to prioritize those who are most at-risk and to match with appropriate level of treatment.
  • Conducting clinical outcome studies that evaluate the effectiveness of treatment in reducing symptoms in youth and assess the improvement in overall functioning of patients and their families in the short and long term.
  • Transitioning discharged youth to service providers in their home community, and monitoring patients through a digital platform that gives clear indications when patients are distressed, enabling physicians to intervene and prevent relapse.
  • Providing an unprecedented platform for education and training of medical students, psychiatrists, addiction specialists and nurse practitioners to address the critical shortage of youth mental health specialists across Canada.

The Centre of Excellence will be a bold and innovative step in addressing the most critical problems across the system.

Our Capital campaign goal of $27 million will build both the facility and annual operating costs for the first year.

An additional $3 million annually will be raised to offer bursary’s and opportunities for support to those who cannot afford it.