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Health care wait times are a key public health issue. When our youth wait too long for treatment there is a profound impact on families, the broader health care system, hospitals and schools.
It is a proven that early treatment of mental health concerns leads to better outcomes over the lifetime of children and families.
Regularly over 55% of youth who experience mental illness of substance use disorders do not receive the specialized treatment they need and during these challenging and uncertain times it is likely to increase.
It is already being reported that current outreach programs are seeing an increase of over 350% in youth reaching out for support.
Youth today cannot readily get treatment in-person and while social distancing measures are in place, we need to ensure that our youth feel safe and connected to effective treatment options and programs on-line.

New Start Youth Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), the first and only of its kind in Canada, is an online mental health treatment program for adolescents. New Start Youth IOP was developed by a Toronto-based Child and Youth psychologist. The program uses researched-informed behavioural approaches – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – to support recovery from mental health symptoms.

Who is appropriate for the program?

  • Youth in grades 9-12 (14-18 years old)
  • Youth having difficulty with stress, anxiety, and/or sadness
  • Youth who may be engaging in risky behaviours to cope with difficult emotions
  • Youth who have tried to change or control thoughts and feelings and it has become exhausting and/or has not worked

What are requirements to participate?

  • Program will be delivered via secure video conference and access to a computer with microphone and video is essential (please contact us if lack of access to technology is a barrier for you)
  • Participants must avoid all use of drugs and alcohol prior to and during the group sessions
  • Participants attend weekly group and individual sessions for eight weeks, with additional support after attending the program for up to six months. Parents or caregivers will also participate in a three-session workshop

The pilot program is sponsored by generous donations made to the New Start Foundation for Addiction and Mental Health.

Applicants who meet the clinical criteria will also need to complete an application to be eligible for subsidy.

A nominal fee of $50 will be charged to promote accountability and regular attendance.

To learn more about New Start Youth IOP and subsidized eligibility, please call 1-866-942-6761