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Why We Need Your Support

New Start Foundation / Why We Need Your Support

Health care wait times are a key public health issue

When our youth wait too long for treatment there is a profound impact on families, our community and the broader health care system.

The current delivery system we have today dates back to the 70’s and has remain unchanged since. Primary, acute, and specialty mental health and addictions care sectors, and service providers within, them are disorganized and operate in silos, unfortunately leaving no clear pathway for youth to move through the system.

COVID-19 has put even more pressure on a fragile system with many community mental health programs shutting down.

Your support will ensure that every Canadian has timely access to affordable mental health and addiction programs with world-class outcomes.

Our vision includes three phases:


Develop and Launch our New Start Digital Youth Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)


Open a Youth Wing at Bellwood Health Services in Toronto Ontario


Build a 50 bed Centre for Excellence in Toronto Ontario

Learn more about our vision to make this a reality!